L’Alternativa Film Festival – Expanded Cinema Round Table Regina Khanipova
L’Alternativa Film Festival – Expanded Cinema Round Table

I had a great opportunity to organize a round table in L’Alternativa Film Festival 2016!
It all started with me choosing and proposing a topic for a conference to the organizers. I proposed to make it about Expanded Cinema, which I am very passionate about. The organizers agreed and I started thinking of potential guests who could share their experience and have an interesting conversation on the current issues related to Expanded Cinema.

The invited guests were:
Blanca García (revista Lumière, CAMIRA)
Carles Guerra (Fundació Tàpies)
Xavi Hurtado (artist)
Luis Macías (Crater-Lab)
Elena Pardo (LEC, México)
Manuel Trujillo (LEC, México)
Adriana Vila (Crater-Lab)

After my introduction to Expanded Cinema, each participant of the roundtable shared his/her experience of working with expanded cinema and after a discussion was opened to the public. Some interesting questions were raised and discussed at the conference, for example Expanded Cinema as an Act of Resistance.

For the full report of the Round Table in ‘A Cuarta Parede’ CLICK HERE

By regina khanipova