About Regina Khanipova
About me

Regina is a freelance professional videographer,visual storyteller and independent producer with broad experience across narrative, documentary and commercial disciplines.

Comfortable with all the stages of production, she created video content for international clients like Decathlon, Timberland, Model Management, ESCAC, Adidas, Sivasdescalzo, Asics, Universitat de Barcelona, RumChata, AS98, Museu d'Historia de Catalunya, Brunch in the Park, Perfect Way, Krizia Robustella and Federica Cui among others.

As an alumni student in Film and Photography at Roehampton Universtity in London she fell in love with Experimental Filmmaking. She participated in several experimental projects together with No.w.here studio and organized a round table about Expanded Cinema in L'Alternativa Film Festival in Barcelona. Since 2017 she is in the team of organizers of Working Title Film Festival in Vicenza, Italy.